SEPULTURA frontman Derrick Green and guitarist Andreas Kisser were interviewed by Radio Zenit before the band’s April 12 concert in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. You can now listen to the chat below.

Asked if it’s true that he believes in reincarnation, Derrick said: “I live by a plant-based diet lifestyle, and I learned that from reading a lot of books at a young age — starting at 14 [or 15] — about reincarnation. So that was the whole idea that came to my mind. But I think I developed from that an idea that life is very precious, and I think it’s a privilege that we’re human beings.

“There’s all types of living species on this planet that are evolving and changing, and I think to be a human being, to be here, is a moment that’s very unique and very short,” he continued. “And in that short period of time, I think it’s up to everyone to do as much as they can to really evolve, learn and to help each other. I think that’s the main reason of really being here — to learn how to be a better person.

“I believe that people could have reincarnated from other life forms, as far as maybe another animal, into a human being,” Derrick added. “It’s really hard to say, but I definitely feel that each living species on this planet is very important — equally as important — and that respect should be given. This is something that I think people need to explore on their own and really appreciate life.

“When I wake up, I really appreciate the fact that I’m alive, and I’m able to express the things that we do as a band. And I definitely believe in that more than anything.”

SEPULTURA is continuing to tour in support of its latest album, “Machine Messiah”, which was released in January 2017 via Nuclear Blast.