In a brand new interview with Vanyaland, former STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland was asked where he sees his current band, THE WILDABOUTS, fitting into today’s rock scene.

“I don’t know. That’s a hard question to answer,” he responded. “It has changed so much and it’s just not the same industry as it was, but I think we’ll do the best we can and we’ll be successful.”

He continued: “You can’t compare that to the success of records I made in the ’90s — that just doesn’t happen anymore. But success for ourselves and just continuing to do bigger and better things; that’s where I see us.”

Regarding how he finds himself adapting as a musician, coming from an era where it was no problem to sell a couple million albums if you were a top-tier band, Weiland said: “Eight million albums [sold of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS‘ debut album, ‘Core’]. I came from a time where if you had a massive record you sold six, seven or eight million records. It’s just not the way it was; it’s different [now]. You can still have success, you just have to do it in different ways, and a lot of it is touring.”

SCOTT WEILAND AND THE WILDABOUTS will release their first album on March 31. Titled “Blaster”, the CD was produced by Rick Parker (BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB) and recorded throughout 2014 at Lavish Studios in Burbank and at The Sandbox in Beachwood Canyon.

“Blaster” features twelve tracks, all but one written by Weiland.

SCOTT WEILAND AND THE WILDABOUTS recently parted ways with drummer Danny Thompson and replaced him with former QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and CALIFORNIA BREED drummer Joey Castillo.

Weiland told The Pulse Of Radio that touring with his solo band changed the way he approached writing his new album. “It’s much more of an overall collaborative effort, and it’s much more rock ‘n’ roll and it’s a newer thing, ’cause we’ve been creating our own sound as we’ve been touring, and the sound grows and evolves and changes as we collaborate together as writers,” he said.

His last solo effort was the more experimental “Happy In Galoshes”, released in 2008.