According to The Pulse Of Radio, Rob Zombie told a fan on his Facebook page that an unrated cut of his new movie, “31”, will be issued on DVD. Zombie presented the film three times to the MPAA ratings board, which slapped it with an NC-17 twice and finally gave it an R after he made some trims to the film’s violent content. Asked by a fan if we’ll “ever see Zombie cuts of the movie you have had to cut down to get an R rating,” Zombie simply repled, “Yes, on DVD.”

Zombie himself had stated that he thought it was likely that that edits would need to be made to try and fit the MPAA‘s strict guidelines.

Zombie also unveiled the poster for the film, which will premiere later this month at the Sundance Film Festival before heading to theaters in February or March.

The synopsis for “31” reads, “Five friends are kidnapped on the day before Halloween and are held hostage in a terrifying place named Murder World. While trapped, they must play a violent game called 31, in which the mission is to survive 12 hours against a gang of evil clowns.”

Zombie revealed last month that the title of his next studio album will be “The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser”. The disc is tentatively due out sometime this spring.