RIGHT TO THE VOID - “This Is Our Time” Playthrough Video Streaming

French progressive deathcore combo, Right To The Void, released their new album, Light Of The Fallen Gods, back in October via Wormholedeath. The band’s new playthrough video, for the album track, “This Is Our Time”, can now be seen below.

Light Of The Fallen Gods tracklisting:

“Swallow’s Flight
“Death Circles
“Fate Of Betrayal
“The Sun Of The Leaving Ones
“Through The Grave
“The One Who Shoulders The Light (Part I)
“The One Who Shoulders The Light (Part II)
“Majesty’s Doors
“Origins Of A New World
“This Is Our Time”

“This Is Our Time” playthrough video:

“The One Who Shoulders The Light (Part II)” video:


Fonte: Bravewords.com