Si intitola “Beyond Control” il nuovo album dei metallers canadesi Omega Crom, disponibile dal prossimo 8 agosto. Di seguito la tracklist e la copertina del disco.

“Beyond Control”:

  1. Sundering Blades
  2. Power Soul
  3. Unwanted Hell
  4. Chaos Theory
  5. Infiltrating the System
  6. Blood Red Moon
  7. Shattered Illusions of Reality
  8. Of Past and Present
  9. Brains All Over the Floor
  10. Land of Never Was

Omega Crom - Beyond Control

Omega Crom:

  • Johnny Ketlo – voce
  • Sylvain Maltais – basso / backing vocals
  • Colin Furness – batteria / backing vocals
  • Celine Derval – guest vocals



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