Nikki Sixx says that he hopes people will realize that “music was the main driver” for MÖTLEY CRÜE after watching the upcoming film adaptation of the band’s biography, “The Dirt – Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band”.

“The Dirt” will premiere on March 22. It was picked up by Netflix after being previously developed at Focus Features and before that at Paramount.

The movie charts the rise of four Californian youngsters who channel the punk rage of the 1970s into the so-called “hair metal” genre that defined the 1980s.

Speaking about his expectations for “The Dirt”, Sixx told U.K.’s talkRADIO (see video below): “What I’m hoping people really take away from [the film] is, first of all, a better understanding of the band and a better understanding of the era, [as well as] where we came from. We were children of the ’70s, so the bands that we were emulating and looked up to were pretty wild. And the ’80s were just about excess. So we just took that and just kept running with it. What I’m hoping is people understand more that the music was the main driver for this band and that a lot of people look at the lifestyle… We had to deal with the downfall of the lifestyle — whether it’s car accidents or drug overdoses, etcetera, etcetera — but the music was always the most important thing. That’s why the soundtrack is really important to us that’s coming along with the movie.”

“The Dirt”‘s release comes less four months after the arrival of the QUEEN biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which has made close to $1 billion worldwide, and earned four Academy Awards, including a “Best Actor” nod for Rami Malek.

“I think that’s what’s exciting for people about the QUEEN movie: there’s a band who wrote their own music, they were their own personalities and they lived their life the way they lived their life,” Sixx told Reuters. “It’s the same for MÖTLEY CRÜE.”

“The Dirt” soundtrack will also arrive on March 22 and features a string of CRÜE classics, as well as three new songs and a cover of Madonna‘s “Like A Virgin”. The first of the new tunes, “The Dirt (Est. 1981)”, a collaboration with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, was released last month.

Machine Gun Kelly — whose real name is Colson Baker — plays MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee in the movie. “The Dirt” also stars Daniel Webber (“The Punisher”) as singer Vince Neil, Douglas Booth as Sixx and Iwan Rheon (“Game Of Thrones”) as guitarist Mick Mars.