MOTÖRHEAD Release “When The Sky Comes Looking For You” Music Video

Motörhead’s new music video, for the track “When The Sky Comes Looking For You”, can be seen below. The track is lifted from the band’s latest album, Bad Magic, released back in August.

All the votes are in and the compiling is done after days and countless hours of digging through all the piles of molten metal from 2015! So who will be #1? You’ll find out as we count down to the BravePick Of 2015 throughout December! And once again our devout scribes put their collective metal minds together to build the ultimate lists including individual Top 20s (new studio albums ONLY),  Top 5 Brave Embarrassments, Top 3 Concerts, What/Who Needs To Stop In 2016? and Metal Predictions For 2016. All will be showcased come the New Year!

Tis the season to commence the good, bad and ugly of 2015! Let’s rock!

18) MOTÖRHEAD – Bad Magic (UDR)

The always reliable Motörhead enter this year’s countdown with Bad Magic, their 22nd opus (!) which entered the top ten in no less than 12 countries when it was released in late August!

BraveWords’ Greg Prato caught up with the always entertaining Lemmy Kilmister about the album and his health back in the summer. Here is an excerpt:

BraveWords: Let’s discuss the new album, Bad Magic.

Lemmy Kilmister: “A lot of it came really easy. I was lucky.” [Laughs]

BraveWords: Would you say some of your favorite Motörhead albums have come the easiest, or were they difficult to get just right?

Lemmy Kilmister: “Both ways. We record all different ways, too. Sometimes, we get the drums first, but apart from that, anything goes.”

BraveWords: Could you give an example of a Motörhead album that was hard to get right?

Lemmy Kilmister: “Another Perfect Day took the longest. But that was Brian Robertson.”

BraveWords: I particularly liked the opening line of the song ‘Electricity’ off the new album, which is “Don’t speak of your beliefs, they are yours to keep.” That line is probably more valid now than ever, with people posting away on Facebook and Twitter.

Lemmy Kilmister: “I know, it’s ridiculous, man. That whole thing is…weird. I don’t know why anybody ever thought it was a good idea. And then everybody else caught on to it. I couldn’t do that. Not me.”

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