“MOTÖRHEAD Is Over, Of Course”, Says Drummer MIKKEY DEE

The death of Motörhead vocalist / bassist Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, who passed away at age 70 yesterday (December 28th) from an extremely aggressive cancer, was met with shock by fellow bandmate, drummer Mikkey Dee, reports Sweden’s Expressen.

”Motörhead is over, of course. Lemmy was Motörhead. But the band will live on in the memories of many,” the drummer revealed in a telephone interview.

The band, founded 1975 in London, will cease touring and record no further records following Lemmy’s death, according to Mikkey Dee.

”We won’t be doing any more tours or anything. And there won’t be any more records. But the brand survives, and Lemmy lives on in the hearts of everyone.”

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Motörhead’s 22nd and final studio album, Bad Magic, was released on August 28th, 2015. The album is featured on BraveWords’ BravePicks 2015, ranking at #18.

BraveWords’ Greg Prato caught up with Lemmy Kilmister about the album and his health back in the summer. Here is an excerpt:

BraveWords: Let’s discuss the new album, Bad Magic.

Lemmy Kilmister: “A lot of it came really easy. I was lucky.” [Laughs]

BraveWords: Would you say some of your favorite Motörhead albums have come the easiest, or were they difficult to get just right?

Lemmy Kilmister: “Both ways. We record all different ways, too. Sometimes, we get the drums first, but apart from that, anything goes.”

BraveWords: Could you give an example of a Motörhead album that was hard to get right?

Lemmy Kilmister: “Another Perfect Day took the longest. But that was Brian Robertson.”

BraveWords: I particularly liked the opening line of the song ‘Electricity’ off the new album, which is “Don’t speak of your beliefs, they are yours to keep.” That line is probably more valid now than ever, with people posting away on Facebook and Twitter.

Lemmy Kilmister: “I know, it’s ridiculous, man. That whole thing is…weird. I don’t know why anybody ever thought it was a good idea. And then everybody else caught on to it. I couldn’t do that. Not me.”

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Bad Magic tracklisting:

“Victory or Die”
“Thunder & Lightning”
“Fire Storm Hotel”
“Shoot Out All Of Your Lights”
“The Devil”
“Evil Eye”
“Teach Them How To Bleed”
“Till The End”
“Tell Me Who To Kill”
“Choking On Your Screams”
“When The Sky Comes Looking For You”
“Sympathy For The Devil” (Rolling Stones cover)

Fonte: Bravewords.com