In 2016, guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker put together MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST, a tour featuring former MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP vocalists Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet, plus Robin McAuley of the MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP. Instrumental back-up was provided by former M.S.G. bass player Chris Glen and drummer Ted McKenna, plus guitarist/keyboard player Steve Mann, also of the MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP. These shows were so rapturously received by audiences worldwide that it seemed only logical for the protagonists to make new music together. The decision to bring in Doogie White, singer of Schenker‘s TEMPLE OF ROCK, adds even more substance to Michael’s assembly.

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST‘s debut album, “Resurrection” — also featuring a guest appearance by METALLICA‘s Kirk Hammett — was released on March 2, 2018 through Nuclear Blast and entered charts worldwide, including No. 10 in Germany, No. 16 in Austria and Switzerland, No. 18 in Japan as well as No. 81 in the USA.

Today, Michael Schenker celebrates his 64th birthday and is happy to announce a new studio album.

“Thank you to my fans all around the world for all the birthday messages I have received today,” he says. “I’d like to take this opportunity to repay your kind birthday messages by announcing that I am currently in the studio with Michael Voss recording a second MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST studio album. With great pleasure, we will once again have Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Doogie White on vocals with Chris Glen (bass) Ted McKenna (drums) and Steve Mann (keys / guitar).

“It’s great to keep the family together for another studio album and it’s already sounding great,” he adds.

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST‘s sophomore album is scheduled to be released in August via Nuclear Blast Records.