December 16, 2015, 14 minutes ago

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MICHAEL MONROE Describes Blackout States Album - “Back To The Roots, A Bit More Punky And More Melodic”; Audio Interview

In a recent interview with Backstage Axxess, Michael Monroe discusses his new album, Blackout States, and everything else he’s been up to. Listen below:

Blackout States is out now via Spinefarm Records.

Blackout States tracklisting:

“This Ain‘t No Love Song”
“Old King‘s Road”
“Goin’ Down With The Ship”
“Keep Your Eye On You”
“The Bastard’s Bash”
“Good Old Bad Days”
“Blackout States”
“Under The Northern Lights”
“Permanent Youth”
“Dead Hearts On Denmark Street”
“Six Feet In The Ground”
“Walk Away”
“Break The Noose” (vinyl LP bonus track)

“Old King’s Road” video: