Metal Evolution: Albums Documentary Series Premieres Today; Director SAM DUNN Checks In, Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey

Metal Evolution: Albums, a new documentary series from the makers of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey and Metal Evolution, premieres today (December 25th) with an episode on At The Gates’ 1995 album Slaughter Of The Soul. A five minute preview of the doc can be found below. In it, the five members of At The Gates are interviewed by host Sam Dunn in their hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. In the released clip, they discuss the extreme metal scene of the early 90s, their diverse influences, and their earliest records.

Director Sam Dunn has issued the following Christmas message to the fans:

“Greetings Bangers!
Well, this is the first time I’ve ever sat down to write an Xmas message. And it’s for a very special reason: Today marks the release of Metal Evolution: Albums – Slaughter of the Soul, the first documentary released on BangerTV.

What makes this release truly special is that it’s going direct to all our fans worldwide. Wherever you live in the world, you can stream or download it today. No waiting for it to be available on your country’s TV station, no chopping-up the global metal community into different ‘territories’ of fans. It’s available to all of you directly. Right now.
We’re very proud of this documentary. We know that previous docs have been made about this extreme metal classic, but, in our opinion, no one until now has told the story of the inspiration behind this album and its remarkable impact on the international underground metal scene. As many of you know, I’m a big fan of this band. And I think Slaughter of the Soul is as close to a perfect extreme metal album as you can get. But that’s not why we did it: The last 20 years in underground metal would simply not have been same without it. End of story.
So I’m hoping you will all drop $5 to check out the doc and tell me what you think. That’s the price of a pint of beer in most countries — so we think it’s well worth it. By spending $5, you will not only be getting a great doc, but you will also be doing a lot to help us launch BangerTV. We want to make more episodes on metal’s greatest albums. Just think, a channel devoted entirely to metal. It’s within reach. We just need your help to get there!
On a bigger, and slightly more sentimental note (cue handkerchiefs), the end of 2015 marks the 10-year anniversary of our first documentary, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. It’s been a truly incredible ride. Who would have thought that after making that little movie about metal, I’d be sitting here reflecting on making films and TV series with all my metal heroes: Maiden, Dio, Sabbath, Rush, Alice, Slayer, Metallica, etc? Not to mention all the killer bands that have risen to the top of the metal scene during this period: Lamb of God, Mastodon, Slipknot, etc. I’m definitely the luckiest metalhead on planet Earth.
So I want to close with a (blackened) heartfelt thanks to all of you. Banger Films is not unlike a metal band in the sense that we would not be here without the support of our fans. I hope we’ve done you proud over the past decade. The next decade will be even better. Why? Because we are going to launch BangerTV as a full channel and it will be the all-metal channel that the metal community has long deserved. You have my word.
Happy holidays from all of us at Banger Films and BangerTV. See you in the pit in 2016!”

Go to Banger TV here to check out Metal Evolution: Albums – Slaughter Of The Soul