Maiden77, an online site dedicated to the early days of IRON MAIDEN, arranged for four of the five members of MAIDEN‘s 1977 lineup to get together for the first time in 37 years on Saturday, February 21 in London, England.

Tony Moore (keyboards), Terry Wapram (guitars), Barry Purkis (a.k.a. Thunderstick; drums, percussion) and Dennis Willcock (vocals) gathered at the Hope And Anchor, where Wapram’s band, BUFFALO FISH, was performing. Missing from the “reunion” was founder, bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris.

The ex-MAIDEN members all got on well and are looking at recording the IRON MAIDEN songs as they were originally played back in 1977.

Willcock is currently working on a project called GV1 and shows are being lined up.

Also pictured below is an IRON MAIDEN setlist from 1977, showing that songs from the band’s first album and “Killers” were already being played in some shape or form back in those days.