In a brand new interview with, MEGADETH guitarist Kiko Loureiro spoke about his contributions to the songwriting process during the tail end of the sessions for the band’s latest album, “Dystopia”. He said: “That’s something that you … you build trust. It’s all about building trust. So I think, if you look, that I have three songs that I have collaborated on the album, which is very difficult, because I just came to the band. So two of the guys have known each other for thirty years and I know them for two weeks and I can put my ideas there? So I think I was building trust and I’m still doing that, so, now one year after, maybe they can ask my opinions on stuff so I can help. It’s like what I was telling you about being a band member for so many years and trying to decide what is MEGADETH. What MEGADETH needs. Not what Dave [Mustaine], or David [Ellefson], or whatever needs…what the band needs. And then trying to help and then you get your space. Of course, it’s very different than Dave or David because they know the band. They’ve been through everything, you know. It’s different. Also, not being a member for such a long time, maybe gives me a different perspective of things. So it can be good as well.”

Asked if he was nervous having to follow in the footsteps of Chris Poland, Marty Friedman and other great former MEGADETH guitarists, Kiko said: “Yeah, it’s a tough job. At the same time, it’s a tough job, but I have the feeling that I’m able to do it. Technically, as a guitar player, I’m able to do it. Also, I’ve been playing with ANGRA for, like, twenty years, so I have all that experience as a band member. Actually, I think that’s my best input for MEGADETH … to be a band member for many years, not a sideman. I was never a sideman. I’ve played with many bands. So I was always working for a band, like a brand … something with passion, so that’s what I’m bringing to MEGADETH besides my guitar playing … a band member. Dedicated, bringing ideas … doing whatever is necessary for the brand, for the logo, for MEGADETH.”

In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie, Mustaine spoke about his relationship with Loureiro. He said: “Well, I think when you get around somebody that’s great, you have a few choices. You can either roll up into a ball and just die, or you can see what you can learn, or you can say, ‘You know what? I’m as good as you are.’ And I’m good at what I do, Kiko‘s good at what he does.”

He continued: “It was super exciting to be in [Kiko‘s] presence and to learn a lot of the stuff that he does. I showed him some stuff, he showed me some stuff. But I’ve gotta tell you, probably the most rewarding feeling out of all this is having a partner again. Because for a long time, it hasn’t really felt like there was a partnership.”

“Dystopia” shifted 49,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending January 28. In terms of pure album sales, it opened with 48,000 copies, marking MEGADETH‘s highest-charting album since 1992’s “Countdown To Extinction” debuted and peaked at No. 2 on the chart dated August 1 of that year. “Dystopia” also logged the group’s best sales week since 2007, when “United Abominations” landed at No. 8 with first-week sales of 54,000.