According to The Pulse Of Radio, LINKIN PARK singer Mike Shinoda appeared on a YouTube question-and-answer session at a recent music trade show to take some fan questions and discuss the band’s upcoming seventh album, due out later this year. Speaking about the new disc, Shinoda said: “New LINKIN PARK is on the way. We are wrapping it up. I can’t tell you when yet. That’s a little bit of a surprise but not too long… I can’t tell you what it sounds like. I can tell you you’re going to be surprised. You gotta expect the unexpected. Don’t expect what you’ve heard before.”

After mentioning that he’s gotten back to the gym after working 50-hour weeks in the studio, Shinoda continued: “All the making of the album, and the teasers and all that stuff, it’ll happen when it happens. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen in a week, it could happen in three weeks. You never know. We’re working on the art. We’re working on everything that goes with it.”

Shinoda also hinted that there might be some “featured artists” on the new CD, adding that the band also worked with “other people” during the writing process. But he added, “It’s still us. It’s self-produced . It’s all us, curated by us at the very least. It’s a LINKIN PARK record.”

No release date has been confirmed yet for the new disc, which will follow up 2014’s “The Hunting Party”.