SEVENDUST lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon was recently interviewed by New Zealand’s “The Metal Bar”. You can now listen to the chat below.

Asked how the members of SEVENDUST have managed to stay together for 25 years, Lajon said: “We’re older now, so everybody’s got kids. I think we’ve all matured a lot, and we love each other, man. It’s really cool to be a band this long. Some days you’re mad at one guy. We’re brothers. So it’s no different. We’ve grown up like this. This is all we know of each other, that we play together. So we’ve been very lucky.”

Witherspoon also talked about the importance of staying inspired to write fresh, new material, especially as it relates to SEVENDUST‘s latest album, 2018’s “All I See Is War”.

“I think that’s due to us being able to take off that time that we’re able to take off and to get back to life,” he said. “I always say, ‘How much can you write about when the only thing that you know is touring and touring and touring?’ We had to get home and take our kids to school and take our daughters to daddy-daughter dances and get yelled at by the wives: ‘Take the trash out,’ ‘Wash the dishes.’ You’ve gotta do things like that. You’ve gotta get real. And I think it was good for us to do that and take that time to get back in the studio, to be ready to write, to have experience that was different than the same thing that we normally see. So it was time to go back in. And when we came back in, we had so many songs. It was a good thing.”

Witherspoon recently confirmed to Australia’s Loud that SEVENDUST has begun collecting ideas for the follow-up to “All I See Is War”.

“All I See Is War” was released in May 2018. It marked the group’s first album for Rise Records, the Oregon-based metal and hard rock label which was purchased by BMG in 2015.

So far, SEVENDUST has released four singles and videos from “All I See Is War”: “Dirty”, “Not Original”, “Medicated” and “Risen”.