November 18, 2015, 32 minutes ago

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KISS - Blood-Spitting GENE SIMMONS Action Figure Available For Pre-Order; Video

Figures Toy Company and KISS present an all new The Demon figure, with a twist: this one has blood spitting action!  

Danny “The Farrow” Anniello has crafted another superb sculpt for this figure of the classic rocker, one that allows you to recreate the famous KISS concert footage of Gene rocking out on his bass while he spitting blood. Comes inside of resealable plastic clamshell packaging, also includes a mini Punisher bass guitar.

Rubber gloves (included) MUST be worn when filling head with fake blood. Fake Blood may stain clothes and other articles, and will stay on skin for approximately 1-2 days if it comes into contact with any skin. Figures Toy Company is not responsible for damage to clothing or other articles that the fake blood comes into contact with.

Due in early December, you can pre-order this action figure at this location.