AXS TV presents an exclusive look at the season five premiere of the network’s original series “The Big Interview With Dan Rather”, as genre-defying fan-favorite Kid Rock sits down for a candid conversation with Dan Rather. The all-new episode airs on Tuesday, February 14 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. During the hour-long episode, Rock talks about his deep love for hip-hop and his spiritual beliefs, explains why he lives in a customized double-wide or “trouble-wide” as Rock calls it, debuts a brand new song, and much more.

Rock ruminates on his teen years in Michigan, DJ-ing at parties in rough neighborhoods — a unique experience that had a major impact on his personal and profession life. He explains: “It was rebellious, and fun, and great, and I was learning a lot that I didn’t even realize at the time. I was just doing what I loved, I really didn’t know any better… There was dangerous stuff going on. There was a lot of drug dealing, there was guns, there would be a lot of fights in these parties… It still was a hell of an education… everything that I had soaking in taught me how to be a more worldly person in a lot of ways, just to be able to see a lot of different sides of things and be able to judge people, judge cultures, judge things, and be a little more open-minded about it.”

Opening up about the role music played in getting him through some difficult times, Rock reveals: “Several times in my life when I’ve been very down, very hurt, I’ve always gone back to my first love: music. It’s always worked out pretty well. And it’s another cliché that I believe wholeheartedly, when you’re in a terrible space or your heart hurts, for whatever reason you write good songs, as terrible as that is… I found this to be true.”