Guitarist Jim Root, who was dismissed from STONE SOUR in late 2013 after he decided to sit out the group’s last tour in order to begin working on the new SLIPKNOT album, told The Des Moines Register that the firing made things awkward for him and singer Corey Taylor, who’s also a member of both bands.

“When you’re sort of blindsided by something like that, it kind of makes you wonder what the motivations or intentions are, or why it has to be like that, when really all that needs to happen is a SLIPKNOT record, then we could go back to business as usual later,” Root said.

“For whatever reason, it happened and it sort of lit a fire under my ass to realize that it doesn’t really matter who you are or what your role is in any particular thing that you do. You always have to be on top of your game, because you never know what is going to happen. It definitely made me want to put my nose to the grindstone and hone my skills a little more. When something like that happens, it’s like getting dumped.”

STONE SOUR recently named guitarist Christian Martucci as the permanent replacement for Root. Martucci was recruited to play on the band’s early 2014 tour tour and was confirmed as a permanent member this past March in a Facebook post.

Root did not speak kindly of STONE SOUR in interviews after he was fired, saying, “Some of the guys in STONE SOUR, I think they just want to be a radio band and write strictly for radio and try to be more of a poppy rock band. And that’s not really what I’m into. There’s at least one guy in the band that’s only concerned about money. I really have no desire to associate with people like that anymore.”

Root played on all five STONE SOUR studio records to date, including 2010’s “Audio Secrecy” and the double concept album “House Of Gold & Bones”.

SLIPKNOT is on tour now in support of its fifth album, “.5: The Gray Chapter”, which came out last October.

On April 18, STONE SOUR released “Meanwhile In Burbank…”, a five-song “Record Store Day” exclusive EP featuring covers of songs by BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, KISS, ALICE IN CHAINS and JUDAS PRIEST.