December 23, 2015, 2 minutes ago

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Italy’s BRAINDAMAGE Sign With My Kingdom Music; New Album Due In April

My Kingdom Music announce that they have signed a piece of Italian Metal history, Braindamage. The label will release their brand new album, titled The Downfall, in April.

The new album is a futurist, abrasive and visionary output in the best avantgardish metal tradition of Voivod and Killing Joke, appealing to the modern-ish last decade’s growing post-thrashy audience.

Andrea Signorelli, bass player and vocalist of the band since 1988, leaves this comment: “The agreement between our band and My Kingdom Music is a new start for us. It was a long time that we didn’t feel such an enthusiasm and The Downfall is simply the testimony of this great time we are spending with the new lineup that coincides with a great creative moment. The result is an avveniristic musical experience… so expect for something really shattering and upsetting!”

Updates to follow.