IMPERIA – Tears Of Silence Tracklisting Revealed

International gothic/epic metal quartet, Imperia, will unleash their new album, Tears Of Silence, on November 20th via Massacre Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Christian Moos (Everon, Delain, Leah) at the Spacelab Studio and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction, Pretty Maids) at Hansen Studios. The album’s tracklisting has been revealed.


“Silence Is My Friend”
“Broken (When The Silence Cries)”
“Friheten Vil Seire”
“My Screaming Heart”
“The Vikingsong”
“Spirit Chase (Keep Fighting)”
“Innocent Child”
“Wings Of Hope”
“We’ll Be Free” (digipak bonus track)
“Broken Hearts” (digipak bonus track)

Drummer Steve Wolz about the recordings: “Everyone worked alone in the studio or at home during the recordings of Secret Passion. This time, we spent a lot of time in the studio together and we were working closely on the songs.”
Tears Of Silence will feature the most grand orchestrations in the band’s history, and the acoustic instruments give the songs a folk-y touch, without damaging the album’s heavy and bombastic sound. Helena’s deeply emotional lyrics, inspired by her own personal life, complete the songs and her vocals have never been more varied – from Helena’s typical operatic singing style to deep grunts and screams, it’s all there.
Guitarist and songwriter Jan Yrlund stated: “The album has become very varied and there are tons of details to discover. I’m especially pleased with the cool guests on the album, which played acoustic instruments like the bouzouki, bagpipes and various types of flutes, thus giving the songs a nice touch.”
Imperia have now released the new song “Crossroads”, which is available for streaming below.Tears Of Silence will be available as limited edition digipak with exclusive bonus tracks.