HOLOCAUSTUM To Release New Album In May; “Atrocities Of War” Track Streaming

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have teamed up with Dark Horizon Records and will release the new album from black/death metal horde, Holocaustum, entitled In The Fields They Bled, on May 12th on CD and digital formats.

Unleashing eight ominous tracks of caustic death metal, Holocaustum present waves of memorable dark tone, pummeling female vocals, artillery blast drumming and piercing sophisticated guitar solos. This vicious album was mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, Aeon, Hail Of Bullets) at Unisound Studio, and recorded/mixed by John Newton at DHR Studio with drums tracked at SOS Studios in Chicago by AKSMITH.


“Can You Not Smell The Stench?”
“In The Fields They Bled”
“Remnants Of The Dead”
“Harvesting The Horde”
“Atrocities Of War”
“Pulverizing Your Cadaver”
“Bring Forth The Flesh”
“Am I Not Merciful?”

“Atrocities Of War”:

Pre-order the CD for only $10 with free shipping at this location. Pre-order the Digital Download for only $6.66 here.

Fonte: Bravewords.com