Di seguito i dettagli di “Tales Of The Northern Swords”, il disco tributo agli svedesi Heavy Load che sarà edito dalla Underground Symphony Records.

“Tales Of The Northern Swords – A Tribute To Heavy Load”:

  1. Dark Nights (Shadows Of Steel)
  2. Free (Dark Horizon)
  3. Might For Right (Arthemis)
  4. Heatens From The north (Madwork)
  5. Stronger Than Evil (Eternal Silence)
  6. Dreaming (The Moor)
  7. Moonlight Spell (Barbarians)
  8. The Guitar Is My Sword (Fogalord)
  9. Roar Of The North (Metal Detector)
  10. Singing Swords (Ghost City)
  11. Little Lies (Twilight Zone)


  1. The King (Great Master)
  2. Still There Is Time (Tragodia)
  3. You’ve Got The Power (Isengard)
  4. Hey (Neversin)
  5. Traveller (Wild Steel)
  6. Daybreak Ecstasy (Echotime)
  7. I’m Alive (Runa)
  8. Heavy Metal Heaven (Crazy Rain)
  9. Heavy Metal Angels -In Metal and Leather- (Anvil Therapy)
  10. Trespasser (Black Inside)
  11. Run With The Devil (Underground Symphony All Stars)

Heavy Load Tribute


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