November 10, 2015, 36 minutes ago

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HAMMER HORDE Release "Unholy Harbingers Of War" Video

Ohio-based pagan/melodic death metal band, Hammer Horde, will release their new album, Fed To The Wolves, on December 1st via Storm Surge Records. A new video for “Unholy Harbingers Of War” is streaming below.

The album artwork was done by Kris Verwimp:


“Tale Of The Wayward Voyager”
“Fed To The Wolves”
“Unholy Harbingers Of War”
“Hail And Kill” (Manowar cover)
“Ortum Aurorae”
“The Scourge Of Man”
“As Embers Fade”

“Unholy Harbingers Of War” video:

Album teaser:

Stay tuned for updates.