“Atomic Highway”, the new album from Los Angeles-based rock band DC4 — featuring Jeff Duncan (ARMORED SAINT, ODIN), Rowan Robertson (DIO, BANG TANGO), Shawn Duncan (ODIN, KILLER BEE), and Matt Duncan — will be released on September 14 via HighVolMusic.

“Atomic Highway” contains 10 tracks of epic hard rock and also features John Bush (ARMORED SAINT) and Dizzy Reed (GUNS N’ ROSES, HOOKERS N’ BLOW) on a cover of THE WHO‘s “Baba O’Riley”. The disc was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Bill Metoyer at Skull Seven Productions.

“Atomic Highway” track listing:

01. Progeny
02. Queen Of Angels
03. Atomic Highway
04. Something In My Head
05. Dominique
06. Castaway
07. One And Only
08. Baba O’Riley
09. 21st Century Love
10. Seize The Day

DC4 came to be when Jeff Duncan got to know Robertson through a mutual acquaintance.

Jeff and I met when a local promoter named Happenin’ Harry asked us both to be in his backing band for a few shows in the L.A. area and in Chicago,” Robertson recalled. “When we got back to L.A., he just flat-out asked if I wanted to join DC4, and we got along so well and played so great together that I just had to do it.”

Jeff recalls that “I wasn’t into the whole idea of auditioning guitarists. We would know the right one when he came along, and that’s exactly what happened. [Rowan] was looking for the sort of situation we had to offer, and as it turned out, we were looking for him.”

DC4 is:

Jeff Duncan – Lead vocals, Guitar
Rowan Robertson – Guitar
Matt Duncan – Bass
Shawn Duncan – Drums, Percussion

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net