GRAVE PLEASURES Streaming New Track “Futureshock”; Dreamcrash Album Out In North America This Friday

Set to release their debut full-length, Dreamcrash, on CD this Friday (November 13th) in North America, Finnish death-rockers Grave Pleasures offer another preview of the album, streaming the new single, “Futureshock” (listen below).


“Utopian Scream”
“New Hip Moon”
“Crying Wolves”
“Worn Threads”
“Taste The Void”
“Lipstick On Your Tombstone”
“Girl In A Vortex”
“Crooked Vein”
“No Survival”


“Hip New Moon” video:

To pre-order Dreamcrash (or purchase the album digitally now), head here.

Formed out of the debris of Beastmilk – the band that had indie fans, goths, punks and music press praising 2013’s Climax – Grave Pleasures consists of singer/songwriter Mat McNerney (also of Hexvessel), bassist Valtteri Arino, guitarist/songwriter Linnea Olsson (The Oath, Sonic Ritual), drummer Uno Bruniusson (In Solitude, Procession), as well as live and studio session guitarist Juho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu).

This impressive lineup created a complex and feverish set of modern rock songs, found on their debut, Dreamcrash. Urban tribal rhythms, potent melancholia, raw pop sensibility, irreverent ferociousness – Dreamcrash is seductive in its surrealism one minute, and a cold shower of harsh reality the next.