Papa Emeritus III and his nameless ghouls from the Swedish occult rock band GHOST take things one-step beyond with the new wine Papastrello — an Italian red wine for the unholy moments of life.

Said Papa Emeritus III: “They say that this wine is the blood of Christ? I would argue otherwise. It’s fermented grapes. That’s all. Very nice fermented grapes… but fruit nonetheless.”

About Ghost Papastrello: Rosso del Veronese is a powerful but well-balanced red wine, with perfumes of fruits and cacao and with a red color of great intensity. This wine is perfect with roast red meat, game and aged cheeses, but it is excellent also on its own. The very typical verenose grapes, Corvina and Rondinella, go under a natural drying process, without any alteration of the humidity and temperature level. Afterwards the wine goes through a very slow fermentation and a maceration of 8-10 days, followed by a second fermentation on the residue of Amarone’s dried grapes. From this second fermentation the wine gets more powerful, higher in alcohol, more tannins and acidity. Then the wine refines in oak barrels for approximately 12 months.

Aroma: Intense scents of ripe cherry, with ample spiciness and light notes of withered flowers

Taste: Powerful, with a rich and mouth-filling structure, dense tannins and a long persistence

Color: Intense ruby red

Facts – Vintage: 2013
Article No: 78520-01
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol: 13.5%
Bottle/cs: 6
Bottles/pallet: 570
Producer: Premium Wine Selection
Origin: Verona, Italy
Price: 275 SEK

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