France’s BEYOND CHRONICLES To Release Human Nation Album This Month

Formed in end of 2013, Beyond Chronicles is a melodic death metal band from Paris, France. This powerful and inspired formation proposes a melodic and heavy sound, alternating between energetic guitar riffs, guitar solos, a gutural and clean vocals. By producing dynamic shows since their beginning, Beyond Chronicles is one of the most promising bands of the French metal scene.

This year, Beyond Chronicles returns with their new album, Human Nation, set for release on October 14th.

Very committed to the current human condition and its evolution, the album Human Nation is the follow-up to the Shatter EP. Tackling sensitive topics like the new forms of violence and insecurity which are threatening our societies, the album follows the guiding principle of constant duality between alienation and individual conscience.

Influenced by the recent events which has touched the world, the lyrics deal with the evolution of humanity towards a disquieting end, while keeping a unifying optimism. The album is as the same way dark, serious, but also shifted, to bring its own identity to each track.


“Ground Zero”
“Cold Vengeance”
“Last Transmission”
“Upon Them”
“Not Scared To Die”
“Human Nation”
“The Best At Everything”
“We’ll March On”
“Beyond The Dark”
“Win By Blood”

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