August 18, 2016, 19 minutes ago

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Former UFO Bassist PETE WAY Discharged From Hospital

Jenny Way, the wife of former UFO bassist Pete Way (age 65), recently revealed that Pete had collapsed after a short business trip to Germany and was in hospital being treated by cardiologists. He had a heart attack and a blood clot was found on his lung.

Jenny now checks in with the following update: “Pete and I would like to thank you all for your messages, kind thoughts and prayers. Pete has been discharged with a huge amount of medication with a plan to go back in a couple of weeks to have an electric shock put through his heart to get it to beat normally. They are unable to stabilize it with meds. If the shock treatment doesn’t work (and we are praying it does) he may have to have an operation to repair a valve.”

Pete states: “I must thank the staff at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital who treated me with such kindness – from the porters and paramedics to the nurses and doctors and all the staff at Ward 22. Nothing was too much trouble and they all had a cheery smile for me. I couldn’t have asked for better care anywhere in the world. I would also like to thank my wife Jenny who has been my rock and, like the cancer, I’m sure I wouldn’t have beaten it without her and, of course, you guys. I do believe in the power of prayer but, tbh, I really don’t feel very well. Jenny won’t let me life a finger so hopefully I will start to feel better after some home rest and cooking.”

Stay tuned for updates.