Former MEGADETH Guitarist JEFF YOUNG And Vocalist SHERRI KLEIN Gearing Up For US Tour

Former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young and vocalist Sherri Klein have checked in with the following announcement:

“This week we’ve been busy plotting, planning and scheming our first ever U.S. Duo Tour! Some states we’re looking at this week include Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York. Stay tuned at for more details and info on how you can be part of our U.S. Tour Street Team, and receive VIP tour access & free stuff! We’ll be going in the studio soon too. More news on the way…”

The duo recently performed in The Lounge at the Palm Springs Hotel in Las Vegas. Fan-filmed video of their live cover of rocker Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” can be viewed below.

Young and Klein recently released their first official studio track, “Love Is Here”. The lyric video can be viewed below.

The duo, working under the moniker Jeff Young & Sherri, have issued the following statement regarding the track:

“Love is one of the most recurrent topics in music and art, that makes it a difficult topic to broach. We didn’t want to just toss another silly love song on the fire, the vision was to compose something that was at once ultra-personal yet totally universal.

Everything boils down to love or fear. That’s all there is. And in every moment we all have the choice to live and react in love or fear. That applies to everyone, from the most intimate relationships to our global integration and responsibilities. When the song first hits you, it appears to be about a relationship between two people but it pulls back to reveal a broader intent.

Since love has many extremes and facets, we wanted to reflect that in the music with lots of light and shade, as Jimmy Page says. There are sections that appear simple in structure and there are more progressive, syncopated passages. The dynamic range is enhanced via combination of acoustic and electric guitars – actually, there’s six guitars interwoven at certain points so, the approach is more ‘orchestral’ in arrangement.”

“Love Is Here” also features bassist James Lomenzo (megadeth, Pride & Glory) and drummer Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert, Shakira).

Watch for Jeff Young & Sherri’s 7-song EP coming this summer 2015.

Young recently checked in with the following update.

“It’s midnight, be very afraid… the world premier of Jeff Young & Sherri covering “Billion Dollar Babie$” featuring Jeff Tortora (drums) Sean McNabb, – Bass, Brenda Fitz (keyboards).

Shout out to my former guitar teacher, Steve Hunter who along with Glen Buxton played the solos on this track. I did my best to honor their amazing guitar parts.”