On the latest episode of Digital Tour Bus‘s “Dream Tour”, former SLIPKNOT and current VIMIC drummer Joey Jordison discusses his ultimate tour lineup. The clip, which was filmed on December 28, 2016 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois, can be seen below.

Said Jordison: “I’ve been on a bunch, as you all know, and I’ve done many a tour where I got to actually have the privilege to play with so many bands have influenced my career. Still, and all the band would still love, and it’d be a dream, to open for KISS back in ’75 when ‘Alive’ came out. I got into ’em in around 1980, and since then, of course, they have been a huge influence on me and always will be. And all the guys in [VIMIC] are huge KISS fans. So there’s number one. Number two, I got the privilege to tour with these guys, and not only tour with them, I got to play with them. So METALLICA is always on the top of the list. Also FAITH NO MORE or MR. BUNGLE would be killer to tour with. Also all the guys in ANTHRAX are good friends; that would be a good one. Also to tour with MESHUGGAH would be amazing as well. So there’s your list.”

VIMIC earlier in the month postponed its previously announced European tour so that the group could finish work on its debut album, to be released later this year.

Often referred to as one the best drummers in the world by fans, musicians and media thanks to his unique style, sound and lightning fast technicality, Joey Jordison has, in addition to co-founding SLIPKNOT, worked with some of the biggest-selling acts in hard rock and heavy metal, including METALLICA, KORN, ROB ZOMBIE, MARILYN MANSON and many more. Before his departure from SLIPKNOT in late 2013, Jordison had been quietly struggling with the career-threatening neurological condion acute transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord which damages nerve fibers, which ultimately led to Jordison losing the use of his legs. Never one to quit or back down from a fight, Joey overcame the impossible through months and months of rehabilitation, regaining the strength to walk again. He is feeling stronger than ever and is eager to show the world what is possible.

VIMIC‘s upcoming effort, “Open Your Omen”, is described in a press release as “quite possibly the biggest triumph of Jordison‘s illustrious career.” He says: “The riffs, lyrics, and drums of ‘Open Your Omen’ will tell you a lot.

Joining Jordison in VIMIC are singer Kalen Chase Musmecci, who has toured with KORN as a backing vocalist and percussionist, and Joey‘s former SCAR THE MARTYR bandmates Jed Simon (guitar), Kyle Konkiel (bass) and Matthew Tarach (keyboards). VIMIC has also welcomed new guitarist Steve Marshall to the band.

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net