According to The Pulse Of Radio, former QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE drummer Joey Castillo has left Scott Weiland‘s band THE WILDABOUTS in the middle of the group’s tour. But Weiland quickly posted a statement confirming that Castillo was only off the tour for a week, saying, “Just to clear up the confusion — Joey has NOT left the band. He is recording for a week with BL’AST and will meet back up with us on the 27th. I’ve known about this for months, hence lining up our friend Mike Avaneim to fill in.”

Castillo was announced as THE WILDABOUTS‘ new drummer in February and appeared in band photos.

THE WILDABOUTS have had several lineup changes since last year. Weiland fired his longtime guitarist and business partner Doug Grean in early 2014, while drummer Danny Thompson quit because of “the darkness,” as he put it on Facebook.

Thompson eventually returned, but was eventually replaced by Castillo. Meanwhile, guitarist Jeremy Brown stepped up to take a bigger role following Grean‘s dismissal, but Brown‘s sudden death in March forced the band to hire Nick Maybury.

THE WILDABOUTS‘ debut album, “Blaster”, arrived on March 31, one day after Brown‘s death on March 30, and followed up Weiland‘s 2008 solo effort, “‘Happy’ In Galoshes”.

THE WILDABOUTS play on Thursday (May 21) in Jefferson, Louisiana.