December 15, 2015, 2 minutes ago

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DISASTROUS MURMUR Streaming “Necrotic Ulcerous Genoplast” Live Video

After more than 25 years of old school death metal history, ten releases of which four were full length albums, Disastrous Murmur recently released 25 Years Of Slaughter Rock via the Austrian label Cursed Records.

25 Years Of Slaughter Rock marks one of Disastrous Murmur’s most massive releases to date – a double live album, recorded at the band’s 25th anniversary show. Furthermore, every band member who has ever been a part of the Austrian legend also performed a guest appearance at the concert and therefore also on the album.

What is left are 20 tracks of pure old school death metal history. From the infamous debut album Rhapsodies In Red (1992, Osmose Productions) through the band’s complete discography.

Cursed Records has announced the band has just released an official live video from the very concert on which the double live album was recorded with the classic “Necrotic Ulcerous Genoplast”.