DEGRADEAD Commemorate 15 Year Anniversary With New Album

To commemorate their 15th year together, Stockholm, Sweden based melodic death metal act Degradead will release their fifth studio album (self-titled) February 5th, 2016 via Metalville Records.

Recorded during the summer of 2015, it took members Mikael Sehlin (vocals), David Szücs (guitar), Anders Nyström (guitar), Michel Bärzén (bass), and Amit Mohla (drums) just three months to finish the eleven track opus with Kristoffer Folin (Plan Three) handling mixing duties at Purple Skull Media and again mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (Scar Symmetry, Watain) at Panic Room in Sweden. 

Degradead tracklisting:
“A New Dawn”
“The Blinding Crusade”
“Say Your Last Goodbye”
“The Extinction”
“Dark Veil”
“Grand Eternity”
“Killing Game”

After several busy years, topped by a phenomenal Wacken 2014, where the band played their biggest show ever in support of the album The Monster Within (2013), the members decided to focus on different things for a while. 

It was during this time that Mikael Sehlin would become the singer of Engel, bassist Michel Bärzén would join Sonic Syndicate as a secondary band. This left founding member David Szücs feeling the need to leave the band, which he formed fifteen years prior, for good. 

At a show in 2015 with Epica, in their hometown Stockholm, members of Degradead united once again and chose to keep on going and to record their fifth studio album during the summer of 2015 with or without David.

When David arrived at the venue to play the last gig with Degradead, they told him about their plans and he was asked to re-join the band and not to give up what he once started. This was the needed spirit; going back to their roots, working as a friendly unit again, and having fun playing the music they love. This night they entered the stage of Göta Källare as a solid band – having fun and kicking ass again!

Six weeks later the band entered the studio having only a handful of tracks ready. Anders, Mikael and David were constantly working on songwriting during this period, while Amit focused on the drum arrangements and Michel was looking into design and artwork ideas already. 

Says David, “It´s been a lot of work, but it gave us the spirit and feeling back. All of us working closely together has reminded us why we started together fifteen years ago and why Degradead still means the world to us.” 

“Our fifth and self titled album is our heaviest and darkest so far, we have developed our music in a more technical and progressive direction, if you like death, black, thrash, progressive, melodic metal, this is an album for you!” 

To date, the band has toured throughout Europe supporting thrash/speed metal stalwarts Overkill and Sacred Reich, completed several international tours including stops in Russia and India, and more recently performed at Waken Open Air in 2014. 

Enjoy the official lyric video for “Afterlife”: