Dee Snider says that he never expected to release two vastly different solo albums in the space of less than two years following the completion of TWISTED SISTER‘s touring career. Speaking to Rawstatica at this past weekend’s Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival, Snider — who is promoting his new “For The Love Of Metal” disc — said: “I really thought I was done — I really thought I was done” after TWISTED SISTER played its final show in November 2016. “Now, I did another solo album, which I wasn’t expecting to do a year ago, and that was kind of another challenge. Some producer said, ‘I challenge you to do a mainstream record.’ I was, like, ‘All right, let’s try it. A mainstream rock record.’ And we did it. And it came out great, but it didn’t connect. And it didn’t connect for me either. I’m proud of the record — it’s called ‘We Are The Ones’ — I like the stuff, but it just didn’t feel like home. This” — referring to “For The Love Of Metal” — “feels like home.

“People hear me singing on [‘For The Love Of Metal’] and they go, ‘Does it hurt to sing like that?’ I said, ‘No. That’s my natural voice. Singing LED ZEPPELIN, that’s difficult. Screaming with anger, that’s what I do.'”

Snider went on to say that he’s always wanted to make a full-on metal album but that he didn’t have a clear idea of which direction to take with the music.

“When Jamey Jasta [HATEBREED frontman and on ‘For The Love Of Metal’ producer] said, ‘You should do a contemporary metal album,’ I said, ‘I’d love to. I just don’t know what to do,'” Dee explained. “And he said, ‘Well, I’ll show you what to do. You just bring that voice, bring the attitude, bring your passion and your power, and we’ll help with the rest.’ And they did.”

“For The Love Of Metal” was released on July 27 via Napalm Records. The disc features contributions from Howard Jones (ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), Mark Morton (LAMB OF GOD), Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY), Joel Grind and Nick Bellmore (TOXIC HOLOCAUST), and Charlie Bellmore (KINGDOM OF SORROW).

TWISTED SISTER called it quits two years ago after completing a farewell 40th-anniversary tour.