The current owners of London Bridge Studio have released a statement denying involvement in the lawsuit between A&M Records and the studio’s co-founder over ownership of the master recording tapes to the debut album from TEMPLE OF THE DOG, the famed early ’90s outfit that included members of PEARL JAM and SOUNDGARDEN.

A&M has sued Rajan Parashar, whose brother Rick produced the disc, in order to get him to turn the tapes over. The former studio owner’s attorney insists the tapes, which A&M says it bought in 1993, belong to Rajan, who says he was not a participant in the deal between his brother and the label. Rick Parashar died last year.

Geoff Ott and Jonathan Plum, who purchased London Bridge from Rick and Rajan Parashar in September 2005, along with their partner, Eric Lilavois, have released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

“We recently learned about the lawsuit between previous London Bridge Studio owner Rajan Parashar and A&M Records and wish to clarify we are in no way associated with the situation or with the former ownership of the studio.

“As the current owners of London Bridge, we pride ourselves upon tirelessly working to preserve the deep history rooted at London Bridge, while simultaneously updating and upgrading our world class facility to make this historic studio available to our diverse and talented community of artists and musicians for generations to come.

“We are also enormous fans of the TEMPLE OF THE DOG album recorded here, and we hope with all sincerity that both parties can reach an amicable and swift conclusion to this dispute.”

There’s been no reason given for why A&M suddenly wants the tapes, but it’s been speculated that the label intends to remaster the record for a 25th anniversary deluxe reissue next year.

The TEMPLE OF THE DOG album was recorded in 15 days as a tribute to late MOTHER LOVE BONE singer Andrew Wood. Cornell and Wood were roommates, while surviving MOTHER LOVE BONE members Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard formed the nucleus of PEARL JAM.