Imminence Records has announced the signing of hard rock/metal outfit CROSSING RUBICON. The band, which features former ALL THAT REMAINS bassist Jeanne Sagan, will release its new album, “Seeing Red”, later this year.

Says lead vocalist Scotty Anarchy (a.k.a. Scott Wawrzyniak): “In the music industry, there are few people you can trust, and even fewer friends. We are lucky enough to have both in the owner of Imminence Records.

“When we ran into issues with distribution, I asked him for some assistance finding someone to put the new record out. He had previously done some publicity work for us, and after listening to the record, he was interested in putting it out on Imminence Records. Jeanne and I checked out Imminence, and we both appreciated the diversity in the label.

Imminence is not in this game to meet a demographic. As Jeanne says, they ‘fight the good fight.’ They are in this for the music.

“The world is very cynical, and the music industry even more so, we needed someone who wanted to fight that good fight along side us, and not just put out a product geared for the widest common denominator.”

CROSSING RUBICON began as a two-man project involving Anarchy and Pete Ahern (RED CHINA BLUE). After numerous member changes, the band had continued success by playing shows with the likes of IN THIS MOMENT, NONPOINT, POP EVIL, REV THEORY, MÖTLEY CRÜE, Bret Michaels and TANTRIC.

CROSSING RUBICON‘s music is often described as a throwback to metal of the ’80s and early ’90s — think of bands such as QUEENSRŸCHE, ALICE IN CHAINS, METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN — while having a modern rock sound.