British extreme metallers CRADLE OF FILTH are off to Brno, Czech Republic on Thursday, August 11 for their week-long writing session for the follow-up to 2015’s “Hammer Of The Witches” album.

Says the band: “Should be an absolutely killer time just knowing what music is already on offer, slathering in the wings and how much a pint of beer costs in Czechia.”

The new CRADLE OF FILTH album is tentatively due in September 2017.

CRADLE OF FILTH vocalist Dani “Filth” Davey told Ireland’s Overdrive about the band’s return to dual-guitar-based compositions on “Hammer Of The Witches”: “Well, that was a necessity that was born from the fact that our previous guitarist [Paul Allender] moved to America and lost interest and our second guitarist James [McIlroy] was forced to leave due to a severe neck injury and he was out of the equation for a big co-headline tour with BEHEMOTH, so we had to get two new guitarists in for that and the band just grew from there writing as a six-piece. Some of the newer members are fans of the band, so they had a vested interest in trying to retain the flavor of some of our previous albums. We get on pretty famously as well, which is great, and with that in mind, the writing process has been quite cordial and fun. For example, we’re going to Brno in the Czech Republic after a Slovakian festival later in the year where we will be finishing off a load of ideas that we have and will be a major step in the right direction regarding the bulk of the writing process for the next record.”

Regarding whether he looks at “Hammer Of The Witches” as CRADLE OF FILTH‘s finest effort so far, Dani told “That’s a little hard to say. We never come out of the studio unless we are a hundred percent happy. We’re really proud of this one. Whether it’s our finest album? Well, at least for the last ten years, I would say. That seems to be the premise and the opinion of the journalists I’ve spoken to. Whether it’s our best overall, I don’t know. It needs to sink in and people need to hear the album with the special-edition tracks as well. Those particular songs didn’t even know they were gonna be special-edition songs. The track list wasn’t carved in stone ’till close to the end of the mix, actually. It was a band thing and we had to have two songs as bonus material and everybody had good points about all of them, but two didn’t make the grade. But somebody might prefer one or both of the songs. Unfortunately, it’s the way it is. We actually turned down three songs that were written for the album. We made a conscious decision not to spread ourselves too thinly. One of the tracks was one of my favorites, but that just proves there’s democracy in this band. Everybody contributed and that’s testament to that the album is killer.”