August 13, 2016, 29 minutes ago

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CHELSEA GRIN Guitarist STEPHEN RUTISHAUSER Talks Performing - "I Avoid The Genitalia Grab"

Stephen Rutishauser of Salt Lake City’s Chelsea Grin shares his thoughts on genital harassment, favorite music press and more with Amber Rose of Capital Chaos TV and Cali Dreams Candy Co. The interview was conducted on the Vans Warped Tour in Mountain View, California

Chelsea Grin are streaming “Never, Forever”, a song from their new album and Rise Records debut, Self Inflicted, which was released on July 1st

Self Inflicted Tracklisting:

“Welcome Back”
“Four Horsemen”
“Love Song”
“Skin Deep”
“Scratching and Screaming”
“Strung Out”
“Broken Bonds”
“Life Sentence”
“Never, Forever”
“Say Goodbye”

“Never, Forever”:

“Broken Bonds” video:

“Skin Deep”: