In a brand new interview with Metal Rules, Candice Night, who has been married to Ritchie Blackmore for 10 years but has been together with the legendary guitarist for nearly 30, spoke about the the secret to their enduring personal relationship and partnership in BLACKMORE’S NIGHT.

Ritchie is an amazing enigma and can get inspiration from ‘friction.’ [Laughs] He can step on stage and not enjoy the people around him even though he had played with them for many years. After a while, egos got involved and everyone was traveling in different limos and only saw each other when they went on stage. Decades before, they would have all hung out and gone out to dinner then slept on each other’s floor. That bond is what made it so magical in the beginning. Then success came, people get torn in different directions, and personal relationships started to deteriorate. It never got dealt with, so it just festered. He wrote some amazing things during those difficult times.

“When Ritchie and I are together, we found that we have a great form of communication, which I think is key,” she continued. “If there is an issue or problem, we are going to hash it out. There are going to be times when we need time away from each together as well. There have been times on the road where we have been so angry at each other that we needed to get separate rooms so I could have a night by myself to chill out.

“When you are touring, traveling and performing with somebody, you are living and breathing them 24/7,” Candice added. “We have respect and understanding for each other. I don’t think he really had that with other bandmembers, but for us, it seems to work. I like the way we work together on a professional and creative basis where he will come up with the music, and he gives me free rein on the lyrics; once we have established a melody. The music he creates paints pictures in my head and has a storyline. I think you have to listen to what the music is trying to tell you. I translate what his music is saying. When we put the music and lyric together, we have the perfect marriage. We never step on each other’s toes. As we have a mutual admiration for each other.”

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT plays “Renaissance music,” or “medieval music,” with most of the tunes featuring lyrics conjured by Night and melodies crafted by Blackmore.

Ritchie, Candice and their two children reside on Long Island, New York, near Port Jefferson.

Blackmore is a co-founder of DEEP PURPLE and wrote many of their most memorable riffs, including “Smoke On The Water”, but he has not played with the group since his 1993 departure.

DEEP PURPLE drummer Ian Paice said in a 2017 interview that there was “no point” for the band to consider a reunion with Blackmore, explaining that he wouldn’t be able to guarantee that every day with the notoriously moody guitarist would be fun.