On June 11, Kaaos TV conducted an interview with vocalist/guitarist Matt Tuck of Welsh metallers BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE at the South Park festival in Tampere, Finland. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE‘s new record deal with Search And Destroy/Spinefarm Records after releasing five albums through RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment:

Tuck: “Well, our record deal expired. Sony came back to the party with a new deal, but we just wanted a fresh start, really, with people that really wanted to have the band rather than just try to re-sign the band. We wanted a team around us — fresh blood who were really hungry for the band, who’ve always been fans of the band — and we weren’t kind of mixed up with a bunch of other stuff. It’s more kind of what we do — heavy rock and and hard and heavy metal and stuff like that. So they know how to market the band better and stuff like that. And their deal was just way better than anyone else’s as well, so it just all made sense.”

On how familiar BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE was with Spinefarm prior to signing the new deal:

Tuck: “Not super familiar, to be honest, but as we got to know Jonas [Nachsin, general manager worldwide for Spinefarm] and the guys that run the label now, and we did some dinners and schmoozing and they came to some shows, and we started to learn about Spinefarm and who they have and what they’ve done and what they’ve achieved, it’s an amazing story that they have, and they have a great roster now, so we’re happy to be a part of it. They were super stoked to have us, and we’re super stoked to be with them. So it’s good. It works.”

On BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE‘s previously announced plan to release a new EP this year:

Tuck: “It’s still work in progress. We’ve been so busy touring, man, that we just really heaven’t had the creative head on to get stuck into writing stuff. We’ve been touring since the New Year, really, and we were touring in July last year right to Christmas, so the schedule has been so manic that everyone is just not there yet. We need a little bit of downtime to regroup and get creative. We just wanna get in the studio and write a couple of songs, just for fun, and get it out there. There’s no real gameplan behind it. We just feel that when we have a bit of downtime, we’d like to get into the studio and just release a couple of songs for fun.”

On whether it still makes sense for bands to release full-length albums in the digital age:

Tuck: “Honestly, I don’t think there’s any right or wrong way to do things these day. It depends how you wanna do it, I guess. I think there will come a point where bands probably will stop making full-length records, because they don’t really sustain the band’s career or lifestyle or anything. So if you break an album up into two EPs over a twelve-month period, so be it. I don’t think it’s really gonna matter to that band or to the way people listen or buy music anymore. It’s more about keeping the fans and the people engaged with new content. Content is everything now. Music fans growing up now, they want more, they want more, and they want it free, and they want it instantly. So the music industry is just adapting to the younger generation of music listeners.”

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE‘s latest album, “Venom”, was released in August 2015 via RCA. The CD marked BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE ‘s first release since the departure of longtime bassist Jason James and addition of Jamie Mathias (formerly of REVOKER).

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas took a temporary leave of absence from the band earlier this year to spend time with his wife, as they awaited the birth of his first child. Filling in for is was Jason Bowld (PITCHSHIFTER, AXEWOUND).

Fonte: Blabbermouth.net