August 31, 2015, 2 minutes ago

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BOREALIS Vocalist Matt Marinelli Guest On New The Right To Rock Podcast; Audio has issued their latest podcast (episode #195), featuring Borealis vocalist Matt Marinelli.

“Matt took time out of his busy schedule to discuss the latest Borealis release, Purgatory, as well as the band’s upcoming tour plans. Interview lasts approx. 30 min.”

Do you have a favorite new band? More importantly, has a new band ever made you want to go back and check out the classics that apparently influenced it? Join Genghis & Ragman, as they discuss some of their favorite new artists and the effect that fresh blood has on these crusty, old, metalheads. Next, the boys chew the fat with Borealis vocalist, Matt Marinelli, who discusses their latest concept record Purgatory as well as their upcoming tour plans.

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