ASKING ALEXANDRIA has released an animated music video for its latest single, “Vultures”. The song is taken from ASKING ALEXANDRIA‘s self-titled fifth studio album, which was released in December 2017 via Sumerian Records. The disc marks the group’s first full-length effort with singer Danny Worsnop since he rejoined ASKING ALEXANDRIA in the fall of 2016.

The “Vultures” clip was directed by T.G. Hopkins, with animation from Bento Box Entertainment. The video follows a challenging, dark and bleakly honest narrative that perfectly accompanies the lyrical theme of the song.

As blood drips from the puncture wounds of the hooks that attach strings to his hands and feet, Worsnop‘s bruised and beaten animated alter ego is manipulated by an ominous puppeteer claw through dimly lit streets, past terrifying headphone-clad pedestrians as he laments, “Everywhere I look, these vultures burn the life right out for me.”

ASKING ALEXANDRIA guitarist Ben Bruce told Rock Sound about “Vultures”: “‘Vultures’ is one of my favorite tracks on the album and there’s a cool story behind it. I actually wrote it back in 2014 right after ‘From Death To Destiny’ came out and I showed it to Danny and he wrote the lyrics. It was at a time when there was so much turmoil in the band. It was right before everything exploded. As I’ve said, it spirals from the drugs and the alcohol and the industry constantly telling us to stay relevant and not have time off because there’s a band right behind you. We would say, ‘We need time off. We have been touring 340 days a year for the last two years.’ We’ve been polled as one of the hardest-working musicians after Justin Bieber but the difference is he is flying around in a private jet and we’re rolling round in a bus. So shit hit the fan, as everyone knows, and that saw the departure of Danny. That’s what ‘Vultures’ is about. It’s about everyone in suits behind the scenes pulling the strings. It addresses the inner struggle that we faced. It’s a sad song. It’s very raw and it’s very honest and it’s very open. I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs on the record. It’s this record’s ‘Moving On’. It was the last thing that Danny and me wrote together before his departure and it was the first thing that we recorded when he joined ASKING again. Danny came back and said, ‘Every day that I’ve been away from ASKING ALEXANDRIA, I thought about this song. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. This can’t be the end because we haven’t put this song out.’ When he came back, he sang that song from start to finish in one take and that’s the take we used on the record.”

During his time away from ASKING ALEXANDRIA, Worsnop pursued a more traditional hard rock sound with his other project, WE ARE HARLOT, while ASKING ALEXANDRIA recruited a new singer, Denis Shaforostov, and released a fourth album, “The Black”. Danny also issued a country-tinged solo album, “The Long Road Home”, last year via Earache Records.

ASKING ALEXANDRIA will join SHINEDOWN and PAPA ROACH for the “Attention Attention” tour in early 2019.