ASEPTIC WHITE AGE Sign With Memorial Records; Debut Album Details, Video Trailer Released

Memorial Records announces the addition of avant garde/progressive metal act, Aseptic White Age, to it’s roster. The band will release their debut album, Reminiscence, on December 18th, available in every digital store and physical version through BigCartel. Exclusive pre-order on iTunes available starting from December 8th.

Recorded and produced by guitarist Mike Pelillo in his own Kaze Studios, Reminiscence represents the first concrete achievement of the band in a path of improvisation, jam sessions, sound research and experimentation without impositions.

Matteo, saxophonist of the band, explains: “Reminiscence is a sort of book, a story that must be listened to entirely, from the beginning to the end, to be able to grasp the meaning and development. The songs evolve one into the other tracing their very genesis, while the overall sound recalls the truthfulness and spontaneity of a live performance.”

Reminiscence tracklisting: