ANAL VOMIT To Release Peste Negra, Muerta Negra In May

Gates Of Hell Records, the new Cruz Del Sur Music sister label, will release Anal Vomit’s Peste Negra, Muetra Negra on May 5th in North America. The release comes after a nearly six-year period during which only a live EP and a compilation from the band were released. Anal Vomit’s fourth studio album is an overdose of pure, uncontaminated, satanic death as taught by the ancient gods, with razor sharp solos, machine gunning drums and vocals straight out of hell.

Influenced by old thrash metal and by legendary acts such as Sarcofago, Holocausto, Sextrash, Vulcano and Possessed, these Peruvian tyrants play blackened old school death/thrash the way it was meant to be and take you back to a time when death metal was not about gore, but about Satan, leather, spikes and hell.

Peste Negra, Muetra Negra will be available in CD, die-hard vinyl edition, a limited-edition colored vinyl edition, and regular vinyl formats. The die-hard edition (limited to 100) includes a brown vinyl LP, a big woven patch not available elsewhere, a t-shirt and a sticker. This edition is available only through the Gates Of Hell website. The limited edition (100 copies) includes an oxblood vinyl LP and a sticker. All vinyl editions include a cover version of Sarcofago’s “INRI”. Peste Negra, Muetra Negra is licensed from Icarus Music for Europe and North America, and features a sick artwork by Mottla and guest chorus vocals by Silvina Harris (Betrayer) and Wata (Matan S.A.).

Peste Negra, Muerta Negra tracklisting:

“Brebaje De Muerte”
“Valle De Tinieblas”
“Obsessive Sexual Slaughter”
“La Muerte Del Papa (Interludio)”
“Dios Muerto”
“Venganza Obscura”
“A Savage Fornication”
“Estado Comatoso”
“Pact To Kill (Outro)”

*LP only bonus track