Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has confirmed to Yahoo Entertainment that he hasn’t been invited to take part in the band’s just-announced “One Last Kiss: End Of The Road World Tour”. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to the idea, saying that “for the right price” he would “absolutely” do it.

“The first year of that [first] reunion tour [in 1996], we grossed $215 million, and that was 20 years ago. So what would it be today, probably double that? Half a billion? I’m there,” he laughed.

Frehley stressed, however, that he’s “not chomping at the bit” to do another reunion tour “because I’m having so much fun with my own band and recording records at home, and producing them, and writing them, and singing them… My career has been going up and up and up.”

According to Frehley, one good reason to do it, aside from the massive payday, would be the fans.

“I know the fans want it to happen because of the comments on the Internet,” he said. “Ninety percent of them overwhelmingly are saying, ‘Bring Ace back.’ If Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons] decide to put a deaf ear to the fans, I think it’s going to hurt their careers. But, you know, those guys always have done what they’ve felt like doing, even when it was not necessarily the best move.”

Frehley — whose new solo album, “Spaceman”, will be released on October 19 via eOne — first left KISS in 1982. He rejoined in 1996 and parted ways with the band once again in 2002 after the conclusion of their first “farewell tour.”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Stanley didn’t rule out the possibility of guest appearances by former members on KISS‘s final tour, but didn’t promise anything, either. “I really can’t say,” Stanley said. “This will be a celebration of KISS and not any individual lineup or any individual members. I wouldn’t rule anything out, but it’s not the crux of what we’re doing… and I’m not being coy either. I don’t want to mislead anybody. Really, that’s not something that’s been given a lot of thought at this point. The majority of our time has gone into what is the stage going to be, what is the show going to be, and we’re actually in the midst of toying with setlists now.”