According to The Pulse Of Radio, now that NIRVANA demos have been popping up all over the Internet, it was probably only a matter of time before the same thing happened with Dave Grohl‘s FOO FIGHTERS. Sure enough, recordings that were made for the FOO FIGHTERS‘ fourth album, 2002’s “One By One”, and later abandoned have now surfaced online for the first time.

The discarded 2001 recordings resulted in a full album was later scrapped and dubbed “The Million Dollar Sessions”, because it was rumored that the band had spent a million dollars in the studio before pulling the plug and starting over. Only one track from the original sessions, “Tired Of You”, made it onto the final album.

The demos were posted on Reddit and one user explained: “This was a pretty tough time for the band, no one was very happy with the recordings, which reportedly cost over a million dollars to make, and, long story short, this version of the album was scrapped and re-recorded in only two weeks.”

Two of the demos have leaked online previously, while five have never been heard before. While most of the songs are similar to their final counterparts, others such as “Come Back” and “Lonely As You” are drastically different.

Tensions ran high within the band during these sessions, and nearly broke up as Grohl took a break to record and tour with QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE.

The FOO FIGHTERS reconvened for a performance at the 2002 Coachella festival, with Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins nearly coming to blows backstage and Grohl reportedly certain that the show would be the FOO FIGHTERS‘ last. But the performance went so well that the band essentially reunited onstage and then went back to finish the album.

The released version of “One By One” sold more than a million copies in the U.S., won a Grammy for “Best Rock Album” and spawned the hits “All My Life” and “Times Like These”.